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Femboy Joy
Trans-Lover 84 /100
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# of Vids 230+
Avg. Play Time 12 Minutes
Movie Formats MP4
Streaming yes
Mobile Version yes
# of Sets 135+
Quality excellent
Avg. Per Set 75 Images
Zip Downloads yes
Slideshow yes
"First off when it comes to the name of the site Femboy Joy do not be thrown off by the title. The term Femboy in this case just means ladyboys that have yet to have any operations, they are all natural and when it comes to Asia this still means super feminine, super sexy but also be hiding a big juicy girl cock in her panties. The site has some incredible videos and photos of ladyboy hardcore and solo action that really should not be missed for any fan."
Femboy Joy Photos
The Review

Femboy Joy is one of those ladyboy sites that you can tell that the owners are also fans. They doll up these special girls and take time to really give you a quality videos and photos that almost any ladyboy fan will certainly enjoy. Access to the site also gives you membership to Ladyboy INC. which is a similar site except the ladyboys there have breasts and are now considered Femboy status. So you get a little of both when it comes to access to both of these sites and perhaps more on the way in this ladyboy network.

At the time of this review the site has over 225 videos and 115 models and is updated each week with new hot content. They also have a bonus section with even more ladyboy videos from older DVD videos that the owner also produced a great extra feature. You will also find a lot of the ladyboys have contact information but the site is not an escort service and it is up to you if you want to get in contact with one of the girls. The videos and photos can all be downloaded to your computer or you can watch them online using their streaming and slideshow players. You also have the ability to leave comments, rate girls and store all your favorite scenes for easy access. They also have a support area if you happen to have any issues with the site, billing or decide to quit the site.

I really enjoy this site, the only cons I would have are the site might not update as often as some other ladyboy sites out there but you can be assured to get a couple updates a week. Also, when a new video is released sometimes the photo set is not released until a later date. I would love to see them pushed out at the exact same time. Femboy Joy for the most part those is a great site and the videos are really well done featuring pretty much everything from cumshots, facials, lesbians, bareback and so much more. Some of my personal favorite ladyboy videos are on this network so I say check it out if you want to have some fun, your cock will say thank you!

Femboy Joy Prices
Price option #1 $24.95 USD Dollars for 1 Month Recurring
Price option #2 $29.99 USD Dollars for 1 Month One Time Charge
Price option #3 $59.85 USD for 3 Months Recurring (19.99 a month)
* These are the prices at the time of this review and may change in the future.

3 comments on “Femboy Joy”

  1. I lived in Thailand for 8 months during one stretch and 4 months for another, sometimes in Bangkok, but mostly in Pattaya, (with a brief stint in Phuket). Both Bangkok and Pattaya are overflowing with ladyboys of all makes and models. For me, one of the most exciting and pretty types is the “femboi” or femboy type. As most “trannychasers” know, Thai ladyboys are some of the most naturally beautiful transsexuals on the planet. (Colombians and Brazilians are in the running as well). Some might think that pre-surgery and small boobs/”flat chested” might be a big minus, but that’s completely false in my never to be humble opinion. When you see a lovely 22yr old femboi who looks like a MUCH younger beautiful girl, with breast just coming into bloom (some take hormones or even birth control pills from a young tender age, to help them feminize), it’s erotic as hell. (And Thais as a whole are naturally mostly devoid of all body hair). The knowledge that they’re really older than they appear can help assuage your possible irrational guilt, lol. Yes, these are adult ladys and Thais are quite mature in body and in mind, and they almost always stive to have a “cool heart”. That’s the Buddhist way. Thailand is my 2nd home and I love it dearly.
    Peace and be well,

    1. Well thanks for your words about ladyboys. I would agree on many points as I to like the more natural look as well. Been to Thailand many times myself as well, some pure beauties there.. Thanks for the comment!

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