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Dmitrys Futa Review
Trans-Lover 84 /100
# of Vids 0
Avg. Play Time no videos
Movie Formats No Videos
Streaming no
Mobile Version no
# of Sets Lots
Quality excellent
Avg. Per Set 1
Zip Downloads no
Slideshow yes
"It is always amazing to find a Hentai Artists that appreciates the beauty and sexiness of transsexuals and over at Dmitrys Futa you have just that. This artist is highly talented and really knows how to capture his audience with his amazing artwork. When you are an artist you not only need the skills to draw but also the imagination to make something special and Dmitrys Futa is just fantastic in that regard. With access to a whole network of Hentai Artwork porn with some of the best artists on the Internet this is a great deal."
Amazing Hentai Toons
The Review

I have always been a fan of shemales and I have always been a fan of cool artwork and when you put them together you can really get something special like the killer artwork over at Dmitrys Futa. I have seen this artist work for a few years now and each year he keeps on getting better with some of the best shemale cartoons, Hentai, Anime, Futa or whatever you want to call it as there are many interchangeable names. Lately this site has teamed up with a whole network of Futa sites including more sexy shemales along with other types of sexy cartoons.  There are no videos with this site, my review script calls for videos so just ignore the video section.

Dmitrys Futa has really turned into a great deal. The site alone is worth the price of admission but now with addition to even more you can really get value for your buck. Just look at the artists work, it is simply amazing and this is only scratching the surface as he still updates the site on a regular basis. If I could draw like this I would certainly have a new profession. I do not think I could ever stop drawing amazing content like this. He has a great imagination for making some absolutely killer scenes. When you pop over to his site make sure to take a look at the network you get access to as well, some of the other artists certainly have some amazing talents as well.

The images above are just a small sample of what you will have access to and yes the images in the member’s area are bigger and of higher quality. I been searching for a site that really understands the shemale world and has introduced the toon world with it and I think I just found it.

Dmitrys Futa Prices
Price option #1 $21.95 USD for 30 days (19.95 recurring)
Price option #2 $32.95 USD for 60 days (29.95 recurring)
Price option #3 $29.95 for 60 days Phone billing (non-recurring)
* These are the prices at the time of this review and may change in the future.

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